Fabled Scorpion

If you need root access to the machine, login as fabled-scorpion with the password fabled-scorpion .. After logging is, use sudo -s to get a root shell

To verify that you’re executing code in the right user, use “submittoken xxx” and it will give you a message stating if the account is correct or not.

There is a poorly written finger service listening on port 79 (or 7979 if connecting locally). Find out more information on how to log in.

Other levels

Log in as the following accounts to complete them.

Username plunging-wolverine with password plunging-wolverine and check the directory /home/level0

Username parched-loudmouth with password parched-loudmouth and check the directory /home/level1

Username awesome-badger with password awesome-badger and check the directory /home/level2

Username unproved-otter with password unproved-otter and check the directory /home/level3