Irate Manticore

Irate Manticore

Irate Manticore requires some custom set up before it’s ready to go, as it uses Microsoft Windows XP as a target platform and the licensing conditions would forbid distributing it. Setup instructions can be found here.

Client side a Windows XP SP2 via Internet Explorer. Since this is not in a CTF environment, you’ll have to enter the target URL manually. :-)

Awe-Inspiring Serpent

Get the background picture of the desktop. Due to the security restrictions in place, it may not be as straight foward as you’d think.

Glowing Marsupial

Compromise the FreeBSD server, using the previously compromised Windows XP SP2 as your pivot point for attacking it.

Hungry Wombat

And now, compromise the Windows XP SP2 machine using the FreeBSD machine as the pivot point :-)