Change Log


Released on the 16th January 2019.

Major changes

Two new architectures supported!

Phoenix now has a MIPS64 little endian image, and a PowerPC 64 bit little endian image. Both of these images have both 64bit and 32bit binaries of their respective architecture.

New QCOW2 images

Since the available version of GDB in Debian 9.6 would frequently crash on non-x86_64 architectures, the Phoenix qcow2 images now come with GDB 8.2.1 compiled from source. Also, there’s the GEF gdb plugin, pwntools, and radare2, for your exploit development pleasures.

Minor changes

  • Binaries now no longer are compiled with read only relocations.
  • Some levels have stack layout forced via structs, as some architectures would assign variables to registers, and thus those variables would no longer be over writable.

Things to keep in mind

  • I’ve yet to prove exploitability of all binaries on all architectures yet. There’s probably a good chance that some aren’t exploitable on some 64 bit versions. That said, there are some that are exploitable via other tricks, and discovering those are important.


Released on the 2nd January 2019.

  • stack-six was modified to make it work with aarch64 and arm binaries.
  • username for stack-six owner was changed.


Initial release.